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Brut Wine Bar - A Place for Fine Food, Fine Wine, and Fine Company

We are committed to serving exciting, vibrant, and delicious food and wine. Our farm provides us with excellent organic vegetables, artisanal cheeses, and cage-free eggs, which we supplement with locally grown black truffles, day-boat fish, and sometimes an import from France, such as Gillardeau oysters... we pay the utmost respect to the ingredients, and while we use many Italian and French techniques we think our cuisine is nothing without terroir.

While Brut is a very serious restaurant, it is also a bustling, friendly, and fun place where friends and new acquaintances can spend time talking, laughing, and thinking that the day is a good one, after all...

Brut Wine Bar Tokyo

We will bring these same principles from Tel-Aviv to Tokyo - we are very excited about cooking for you using local ingredients, and we hope the butterflies in our stomach turn into smiles when we see people happy with our food. 

Please reserve your table soon as our seating is limited, we promise we will do our best so you have a great time!

-- Jemma Naveh, Chef Yair Yosefi, Chef Omer Ben-Gal, and Team Brut



Chef Yair Yosefi

Chef Yair Yosefi


born to cook


1997-2002 Israel - Keren Restaurant

After completing his studies Yosefi cooked in Israel’s top kitchens, including Keren restaurant, which received 15 points and two toques from the Gault-Millau guide. Yosefi was happy to learn but hearing stories of wonderful food in Paris, he then decided he needed to gain experience in the city of lights.

2002-2005 Paris - Lasserre, Pierre Gagnaire, Grand Vefour

Yosefi worked for restaurants Lasserre (Michelin **), Pierre Gagnaire (***), and Grand Vefour (***) where he had the opportunity to learn from the greatest French chefs.

2005-2009 Eric Kayser

After gaining some experience, Yosefi joined the Eric Kayser group and soon became Eric Kayser’s right hand man. Together they published five books.

2009-2012 Back in Israel

In 2009 Yosefi returned to Israel where he published the book Seafoodpedia that has won the prestigious “best in the world” Gourmand award at the paris cookbook fair - considered “the oscar of cookbooks”. He offered consulting and guidance while developing his own cuisine that will incorporate what he had learned from the masters of French cuisine into the local environment.

2011-2014 Elba Restaurant

Yosefi was at the helm of the kitchen for the first time. He had contracted a local farm to provide him with top quality lamb, olive oil, and organic vegetables that were necessary for his cuisine, and he was winning great critical acclaim. 

2014- Brut Wine Bar - Chef-Owner

Yosefi finally has all the parts in place - vendors and farms providing him with great local and French ingredients, a space where the ambiance is lively and customers can talk to each other without losing focus on the cuisine, and where together with his team he is offering the best wine selection in Israel. The critics are raving, but Yosefi is dreaming of cooking in Japan…




“Tartinez Gourmand : De l'apéro au dessert, 72 recettes à partager (2007)”  (Eric Kayser + Yair Yosefi)

“Mes recettes : Céréales, graines et fruits secs (2008)”  (Eric Kayser + Yair Yosefi)

“Mes petits biscuits sucrés et salés (2009)” (Eric Kayser + Yair Yosefi)

“Eric Kayser’s New French Recipes (2012)” (Eric Kayser + Yair Yosefi)

“Beyond the Bread Basket: Recipes for Appetizers, Main Courses, and Desserts (2012)” (Eric Kayser + Yair Yosefi)

“Seafoodpedia (2012)” (Publisher)

Chef Omer Ben-Gal

Chef Omer Ben-Gal

Cooking is Caring 

After spending time learning his ways in some of Tel-Aviv's fine French restaurants, Omer thought it was time to do something more...

2002-2008 Lilit - A Social Success

Lilit was far more than a restaurant - it was a social assistance program employing at-risk youth alongside professional cooks to help them develop life skills and keep them out of trouble. Omer was the head chef overseeing this difficult undertaking with dozens of cooks and staff, and made sure that while doing good, Lilit would also be recognized by major food critics as the best kosher restaurant, and one of the best restaurants in Israel overall. 

2008-2010 Maritime

After this period of hard, rewarding work, Omer took to the high seas and  spent two years cooking meals for a private client on his yacht.

2011- Shaffa Bar - Consulting Chef and Co-Owner

Shaffa Bar offers delicious, casual food by day and innovative electronic music by night in Jaffa's re-imagined flea-market. Before starting Brut, Omer came back on short to run the kitchen here and turned it into one of Tel-Aviv's favorite daytime spots. Omer now carries responsibility for developing the diverse, seasonal, sometimes vegan menu executed by the Chef de Cuisine at Shaffa, as well as for hiring and training the kitchen staff and keeping things cool.

2013- Brut Wine-Bar - Chef-Owner

Omer runs the kitchen at Brut together with Yosefi, or maybe it is better to say that they run the show together as cooking is all done in front of the dining room, and Omer has certainly perfected the art of sending out pitch-perfect plates to many diners even as he and Yosefi chat people up. Omer is already planning down to the smallest details how to do the same in Tokyo!




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4/20 8:55AM

Currently We have the following tables available: (English follows Japanese)

木曜 4/20 17:30 2,4, 6名様LAMB+LAMB+LAMBコースご案内可能となりました!


Thursday 4/20 17:30 Two or Four People - Lamb Lamb Lamb!

Thank you for your overwhelming support!



Brut Wine Bar Tokyo - Wine Tasting #3 - ISRAELI BOUTIQUE WINERIES

Come learn about Israeli wine - its varietals, regions, and wine-making styles, as it enters its 31st century (not a typo)... from ancient times to modern, critically acclaimed wines.


Over the course of two hours, we will taste ten premium wines from boutique Israeli wineries representing the country's wine regions, accompanied by Israeli snacks.


We would like to thank Namdar Wines for their support in organizing this event.


Brut Wine Bar 東京 - イスラエル ワイン テースティング


イスラエルのワインについて習いませんか? - 31世紀目を迎えるイスラエルのワインの歴史は品種、産地、製造方法





ーamdar Wines 様よりご支援を賜り厚く御礼申し上げます。






HOURS & Dates

4.18.2017 - 4.23.2017

17:00-23:00 (L.O. 21:00) 


5-25-1 Jingumae 2F, (Cat Street)
Japan 150-0001

7 Minutes to Meiji-Jingumae 'Harajuku' Station
11 Minutes to Omotesando Station
12 Minutes to Shibuya Station






the world is in crisis

Millions of people have fled their homes, and millions more are living in war zones, subject to hunger, poverty, disease, and death. Governments around the world are turning their backs, and closing their doors to refugees, but we won't.  We will donate 10% of profits from Brut Wine Bar Tokyo to Medecins Sans Frontieres, and we encourage you to donate as much as you can.


We are proud to serve San Pellegrino and Acqua Panna waters.

We are proud to serve San Pellegrino and Acqua Panna waters.

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Recanati Winery

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